About Us

Azure Dragon Works


I get to be the designer of my own destiny, doing what I love, being my own boss. Making hand crafted leather goods by hand by me.  I have a B. S. in Landscape Architecture and a minor in City and Regional Planning from the Ohio State University. I was a land planner/designer for a few years in Florida before the housing bust. So after that experience I decided to do what I had always wanted to do which was create and sell handmade- by me- goods. I searched around for a while to see exactly what I wanted to make and finally settled on leather crafting. While this is not my only passion it is what I started with. I also do a bit of jewelry and am slowly branching out a bit. I am extremely grateful that my education has not gone to waste but has just been applied differently. Now I get to be my own boss, and it can’t get much better than that.

I have always loved making things, to feel that sense of accomplishment. To have the freedom to create what I want is amazing. I love learning, which allows me to create an even wider range of things. I hand make everything from scratch. I hand carve, tool, dye and construct all of my items. I have no sewing machine; therefore all sewing is done by hand using a saddle stitch which is a far stronger stitch then the one done by a sewing machine. I take great care and put great effort into everything I make.

Captain Bob’s Emporium

A vivid and creative mind will always lead to greatness…..

There are few different leathers, I use in my projects. I use vegetable tan leather and chrome tan leather. I hand dye or acrylic paint the veg tan and hand sew every project. I use a saddle stitch. The thread is waxed. I wet form some of projects using ceramic and or wooden molds. I use various stamps and a swivel knife for better detail. I try to use gnarly and branded leather to give uniqueness to individual projects. When I hand dye, I mix my own colors to give it another level of uniqueness. I want people to have a story behind all my projects.