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Anime Crossroads 2022

Hi to all of our supporters. Anime Crossroads is our first back in Indiana since 2020. We had to split up since there were two shows on the same weekend. Azure did Anime Crossroads and Captain did the Michigan Nordic Fire Festival

Anime Crossroads is located in Indianapolis for three days of celebration of our love for anime, manga, and Japanese culture. It is Indianapolis’ biggest anime convention. It has had many big stars over the years including Robert DeJesus, Greg Ayres, and Tony Oliver to name a few guests. Anime Crossroads inaugural year was 2009 and was canceled in 2020.

 We’re still searching for a 15 passenger van to put everything in it.  We started a Ko-fi Page! Ko-fi helps creators get support from fans of our work. Please support or follow our ko-fi page! . We set up a goal of $5000 to buy a van. It will be needed soon since my car died on my way home from a show.

Setup for the Anime Crossroads for us was on Thursday from 8 pm to 12 am. We arrived at the convention center at 9 pm. We completed about 80% of the setup. Azure had to  finish up  the setup the next morning. On Saturday, the vendor hall ordered burritos from a local place. A decent amount of food with the burrito. It always has a good mix of vendors featuring some great talent at the Anime Crossroads. Anime Crossroads continued the trend of being another good show for us.

If you are one of the many folks that asked about custom orders, please fill out the form on the contact us page. Also, if you saw something in our booth not listed on the website, please fill out the form on the contact page. 

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