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Upcoming Events

Hi to all of our supporters. In October, we will be at the Tennessee Medieval Faire and Tsubasacon.  If you haven’t already read any of our blogs, here is a little background history about the Tennessee Medieval Faire. The second blog posted today will be about Tsubasacon.

 Tennessee Medieval Faire is a medieval costumed outdoor festival to run the first 3 weekends in October. The Tennessee Medieval Faire is in their 6th season. The faire is owned and operated by Darkhorse Entertainment, LLC, is owned and operated by Lars Paulson and Barrie Blankenship Paulson. Lars has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry, including being general manager of several large festivals. Barrie has a Master’s of Science in Consumer Economics, 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial businesses; and she toured professionally as a comedy/stunt performer, choreographer, and director.  There is a pirate costumed outdoor festival to run the last 2 weekends in May, plus Memorial Day.

 We went very simple again. We decided on bringing belts, purses, wallets, cord keepers, growler carriers, wine bottle carriers, bracelets and a few journals. We got all our products into one large bin but still needed two vehicles for the setup. We’re still searching for a 15 passenger van to put everything in it.  We started a Ko-fi Page! Ko-fi helps creators get support from fans of our work. Please support or follow our page! . We set up a goal of $5000 to buy a van.

Setup for theTennessee Medieval Faire will be on Friday . There were about 45 plus vendors at the faire . It will be a  good mix of vendors featuring some great talent at the fair.If you are one of the many folks that asked about custom orders, please fill out the form on the contact us page. Also, if you saw something in our booth not listed on the website, please fill out the form on the contact page. Thanks again for coming out and seeing us. Keep up to date on shows and festivals by visiting the events page. Also, follow  us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Tik Tok, and Youtube.

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