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Weekly Update 8/13/2018 : Upcoming show

        It has been a busy week. We are less than a week away from Neo ComicCon 4th edition. We did Neo ComicCon 3rd edition. The big guest from that year was the creator of Black Lightning. It’s has been adapted to a television series, aired weekly on The CW. It was busy day from 10-5. There were about 3000 guests. It had everything from toys, comics, and leather. It’s a great show. If you are near or even far away, come and visit the show;  it will be well worth it.  We great opportunity to be in  another shop, we will keep you posted. Also, check out City Folk, LLC in Clintonville. We have some of journals for sale at the shop. Even more good news, we added The Yellow Springs Street Fair. Come out and visit us on October 13 from 9am – 5 pm.  Finally, we are continuing to update our website and our product line. First, we added a cat mask to the  product line; it took time to weed out the bugs. We have some pre dyed and hand dyed; hopefully, we will have another mask up in a few weeks. Also, we took photos of more of our journals over the weekend. We should have them up today or tomorrow.

Thanks again for joining us on this adventure! – Azure Dragon Works and Captain Bob’s Emporium

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